brio! is the result of a carefully crafted alchemy experiment:

To produce an exquisitely sweet cold brew that is refreshing, invigorating, using the freshest coffee beans possible.

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 To do this we’ve partnered with the freshest farm-to-roast company out of Colombia: 

We share the same passion for quality coffee, sustainable production, and the preservation of social and environmental health. Long-term relationships with farmers and above fair trade prices ensure the sustainable growth and production for brio!


Farm-To-Bottle Timeline


Process: Washed

Variety: Typica

Region: Tolima

Altitute: 1,800m

Notes: Pomegranate, Cranberry, Blackberry, Lemongrass


Up in the uncharted jungles, above Cañon de las Hermosas, we find a precious Typica coffee bean that carries the distinctive red fruit tartness we’re so eager to share with you. The conditions are so ideal for this ancestral Arabica bean to grow that it is harvested year round.  The coffee seed is dry-milled and overnighted for roasting, locking in the flavors and aroma that otherwise start to diminish with time. The process ensures that we are brewing coffee that is not just freshly roasted, but also fresh in its green state, so that every bottle of brio! tells the story of the Colombian terroir.