Our Mission 

To revive and bring freshness to our communities through brio! as a catalyst for action;
To inspire change, promote creativity, spark curiosity, and propel mind, body and soul.

Wake Up! The World Needs You!
— brio!
This is us: Two childhood friends with different backgrounds and interests connected by a passion for quality in our craft.

Miguel Cardona

Miguel is our team’s eyes and leads brio!’s visual development. He brings his background in design to complete brio!’s invigorating identity through graphic design, photography and web development. He enjoys photographing strangers around the world, watering his three plants and stretching his hamstrings.
— University of Florida School of Design, 2015

Jose Nieves

Jose is our team’s taste buds. He leads our team’s constant effort to make brio! taste like... brio! He brought his culinary and hospitality experience from NYC to Gainesville to help develop the brio recipe. He enjoys weekly coffee cuppings, perfecting the French omelette and grooming his hair.
— Culinary Institute of America, 2013

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