Whole Foods Market introduces Category Changing Cold Brew Coffee, brio!


brio!, Florida’s only farm-to-bottle cold brew coffee company, has announced its expansion to premier quality food retailer, Whole Foods Market.


brio! is a hand-crafted, cold brew coffee company founded by Gainesville natives and childhood best friends Jose Nieves (Culinary Institute of America Grad) and Miguel Cardona (University of Florida School of Design). brio! satisfies the need for a refreshing caffeine boost on-the-go, while providing consumers with a premium ready-to-drink coffee option.


brio!’s unique farm-to-bottle process is what sets them apart from the rapidly growing market. The duo first selected a quality coffee variety that is naturally bright and fruity. Then developed a unique brewing process over two years to perfect the extraction and avoid acidic oils that can cause bitterness. The result was a cold brew that tasted as smooth and refreshing as an iced tea- no additives necessary!

The beans are sourced from the jungles of Cañon de las Hermosas in Colombia, ensuring a fresh harvest all year long. The beans are then flown directly to the U.S. to ensure freshness.                                                                      

“The quality of our coffee is our highest priority. Most customers don't realize that coffee often sits in a warehouse for six months to one year depending on the country of origin. Our goal at brio! is to minimize that timeline and maximize taste and quality. We are currently averaging 21 days from farm-to-bottle, resulting in a healthier, brighter cold brew,” Nieves said. "We hope to continue elevating consumers' perception of coffee with our hand-crafted, farm-to-bottle cold brew.”


The founders are on a mission to do more than caffeinate their customers. Their slogan, “Wake Up! The World Needs You” stands as the company philosophy, aiming to provide a boost for consumers to get up and go after their dreams.



About brio! Cold Brew


After hitting the shelves in April 2018, the single-origin, fair trade, cold brew company quickly developed a cult following. Since their launch, brio! Has expanded to more than 80+ retailers, including national grocery chain, Lucky’s Market and most recently all Whole Foods Markets within Florida.


brio! Cold Brew is currently available in grocery chains and food retailers throughout Florida and actively seeking venture funds to continue expanding. Visit www.briocoldbrew.com or email info@briocoldbrew.com to find out more.