brio! Cold Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a tried and true drink, but there’s nothing old fashioned about this

brio! Cold Fashioned cocktail.

No need to wait for tomorrow morning to have your next cup of coffee. In fact, you don’t even

need to wait until 5 o’clock to have your next cocktail. Bring a little bit of the weekend to your

week and have both a coffee AND a cocktail – you deserve it.

This twist on the classic cocktail is sure to make you wake up and get out this summer. Follow

the recipe below to try the anything-but-old-fashioned brio! Cold Fashioned for yourself.



● 2 oz of brio! Cold brew coffee

● 1 oz of bourbon (We prefer Bulleit!)

● ¼ oz of Orange Simple Syrup (See recipe)

○ 1 cup of granulated sugar

○ 1 cup of spring water

○ Peel of one navel orange

● 1 dash of Agnostura Bitters


1. Prepare Orange Simple Syrup

a. Heat spring water to 205 °F.

b. Place sugar and peel together in a heatproof container.

c. Add hot water.

d. Stir until all of the sugar is diluted.

e. Allow the syrup to steep and cool, usually for about an hour. (The longer the

syrup sits with the peel, the better! It’s best after a day or two)

f. Transfer the simple syrup with peel to a closed lid container and reserve. Syrup

has a shelf life of a month if kept sealed and refrigerated.

2. Mix Orange Simple Syrup, brio!, bourbon, and bitters in a glass. Add ice and stir

for about 10 seconds.

3. Strain mixture into a clean rocks glass with ice (big ice cubes are preferred!)

4. Garnish with filthy cherry or orange peel. If using an orange peel, wipe the glass

rim with the peel before garnishing for an extra orange-y sip.